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Techno Festival Outfits & Rave Looks | Inspired 2018

This year's techno festival season makes every rave heart beat faster. The festivals and raves inspire with a grandiose lineup and extraordinary DJs, elaborate rave decoration with attention to detail and the right weather. As soon as summer is over, things continue indoors. Techno, friends, dancing and a rave? What could be better.

Nevertheless, the question always arises, what do you wear to the rave, what is the perfect techno outfit. Plain black, fancy hippie look, merchandise from your favorite DJ's or a message on your piece of clothing. We've put together rave looks for you to inspire and show you how best to combine things to create the perfect techno look. We have selected some looks from Instagram.

Rave Techno Festival T-Shirt

Christian (@prince.von.ergenz) wears our RAVE Gang T-Shirt in black at the Sonne Mond und Sterne Festival. With the huge Rave print on the back, it sets an example in the crowd and shows its love for rave. The black t-shirt, which does not have any print on the front, is a real eye-catcher from the back and rounds off the techno outfit.

Pappenheimer Nature One Merchandise Outfit

Elena (@elena_crfa) celebrates at the Nature One Festival with our RAVE Clothing x Pappenheimer crop top in white. With the top, she clearly shows which DJ makes her heart beat faster. She casually combines the festival look with denim dungarees, a choker necklace and a hair scarf with knots in the matching color with the top. Perfect for camping during the day, but also for later touring the night at the festival. She also wears classic Vans oldschools and of course a cold beer should not be missing.

Tomorrowland Rave Outfit Techno Look

Sophie (@sophie.sanchz) rounds off the rave look at the Tomorrowland Festival with our techno denim jacket. She wears the denim jacket in combination with a striking crop top with sequins, a colorful fanny pack and the matching festival make-up on her face. The highlight of the outfit is definitely the techno print on the sleeve of the jacket. If it starts to get chilly after the Raven, the techno jacket provides enough warmth to get back to your tent.

Rave Outfit Techno Festivals

Who doesn't know it? For the way to the festival you absolutely need a bag in which you can store all the utensils for the rave. Or even if it gets warmer while dancing, a techno gym bag or a rave jute bag offers enough space to store your sweater, jacket and drinks. Of course, the right rave slogan should not be missing on a bag. Jerome (@jb_baguio) transports his things in his techno crew with the techno gym bag and the I have to celebrate the night over it gym bag. (@weinundnein) also opts for the same techno slogan, but prefers a jute bag, with which you are even more flexible in everyday life.

Rave Outfit Sonne Mond und Sterne Festival

Lea (@leackr) is wearing our RAVE Windbreaker. At the Sun, Moon and Stars Festival, she is perfectly equipped for all weather conditions. As a festival goer, she knows that you have to reckon with a lot of wind and cooler temperatures at night, especially on the campsite. You are also well protected from sudden rain thanks to the breathable, water-repellent material. In addition, thanks to its regular fit, the jacket offers enough space to put on your favorite techno outfit underneath. Lea combines this with black fishnet tights.

Rave Outfit für Techno Festivals

Our RAVE socks are the perfect companion at the festival or rave and complete the techno outfit.Laura (@la_tck) and Sophie (@srrxe_) combine the socks with a plain black crop top and hotpants and set a highlight with the Rave socks, even on cool nights , the knee socks can be combined with black tights to create a perfect outfit. This way you'll never miss a beat while dancing.

Techno Top T-Shirt Festival Look

Carina (@carinagbh) shows her love for techno at Shift Festival with our Techno Cropped Tee. The casual, urban cut of the top makes it particularly comfortable to wear when dancing and is rounded off by the techno circle on the front. With denim hot pants you create a perfect techno festival outfit.

Rave Techno Socken Outfit fürs Festival

Luisa (@laaleelulu) raved at the Pollerwiesen Festival with our classic RAVE crop top in black and made her outfit an eye-catcher. The top is the ideal basic for cool techno outfits and can be combined in countless ways. Line (@linesforeveryone) celebrates with her friend at the Ruhr in Love Festival with the RAVE socks. With a simple top and hot pants, the two friends create a great rave look that you don't have to hide on the dance floor. Depending on taste and outfit, the knee-high socks are available in black or white.

Pappenheimer Abfahrt Outfit Look Techno

Anni (@annschiii) and Larissa (@laaaaaaaari) are on their way to the Airbeat One Festival in a partner look. With their outfit they show which DJ they celebrate. With the We call it downhill crop top in black, the two are looking forward to the Pappenheimer set. The top conveys the motto We call it downhill on the front and makes a statement on the back with a large print. With black trousers and leggings, the two are perfectly equipped for Pappenheimer's techno set.

Airbeat One Festival Techno Inspiration

Michelle (@michellelbw) and her boyfriend are also partying at Pappenheimer at the Airbeat One Festival. They wear the We call it downhill crop top and the We call it downhill T-shirt from Pappenheimer's exclusive merchandise collection with RAVE Clothing in a partner look. A practical companion is the RAVE gym bag, in which you can store everything that bothers you when dancing and raving.

No Sleep Club Festival Outfit für Frauen

Michelle and her friend rock the night away in our No Sleep Club T-Shirt. In white, the shirt is a real eye-catcher, especially at night, and the eye-catching prints on the front and back show that you have anything but sleep on your mind.

Julia (@mrs_.alwaystired._) and Nathalie (@nataliapietrzak) rave in front of the Bills Factory at the Parookaville Festival with our RAVE socks in black. "These can't be missing at any rave," they write to us. With fishnet tights, hot pants or a skirt and a black top, the two friends create a real rave look that is impressive.

Nature One Festival Outfit

Greta (@greta_merschmann) wears our crop top with the Pappenheimer lettering on the front in Techno Club Odonien. So there's no question who her favorite DJ is. In addition to the top, the reflective waistband is the eye-catcher of the all-black outfit.

Scarlett (@scarliiii) relies on our RAVE Windbreaker at the Nature One Festival. This will get you through the night safely in any festival weather and especially when it gets a little cooler at night. The hood protects against cool drafts. The jacket makes the outfit an eye-catcher and can be combined with other things.

Rave Techno Outfit Berlin

Nadia (@nadiikath) swears by our Techno Short Hoodie in black on her way to the club A hooded pullover is worth its weight in gold, especially for events or on the way home. Even when it gets cooler at night, the hoodie offers plenty of warmth thanks to its pleasantly fluffy fabric. The two techno prints on the sleeves give the rave look the finishing touch. Worn with black jeans and black sneakers, the combination results in the perfect club outfit.

Annabell (@annwatskeburt) wears our Techno Body with the Rave All Night Sleep All Day print. An optimal alternative to the T-shirt, especially with the Raven the body ensures a comfortable fit. Full concentration on music and dancing, nothing slips and the elastic, soft jersey material forms a great figure. Annabell combines the body with a colorful vintage sports jacket and a black fanny pack.


Did you create the perfect festival or techno look with our stuff? We always appreciate pictures and tags on social media.


Techno- und Festival Mode von RAVE Clothing

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