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Soundless - The Breakdown

The Mannheim high-flyer DJ Klanglos has released his second album. It was released on his own label Error Records and is called The Breakdown. It made it into the official top 25 iTunes album charts right away.

The album contains a total of 24 tracks, which were remixed by numerous top acts and friends of the Mannheim native. These include DJs like Ben Dust, Sound & Temper, Mollycule and Patrick Hero. The album "The Breakdown" stands for diversity and includes violins, monk chants and driving acid beats.

With the album, Klanglos wants to build on his successful year 2019, where he played at numerous top international festivals and clubs. Among the top performances are: Century Circus at Nature One, Ruhr in Love in Oberhausen, Liget Budapest, Lehmann Stuttgart, The Rocket Nuremberg, Bootshaus Cologne, Odonien Cologne, Love Base Berlin, Tanzhaus West Frankfurt, Hans Bunte Freiburg, Bunker Graz, Studio Essen, Club Paradox Augsburg, Kesselhaus Augsburg, Fusion Münster, Kleiner Onkel Kassel and Yoko Club Hamburg.

  • 4.3 million streams in 79 countries
  • Approx. 400,000 hours of playtime on Spotify
  • Completely fully booked 2020

There are still a few gigs abroad this year, should the COVID-19 crisis allow it. This includes gigs in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium or Hungary.

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