Pappenheimer Merch Collection with techno_inmyveins_

Pappenheimer Merch mit techno_inmyveins_
techno_inmyveins_ Techno Bloggerin

For the release of the new exclusive Pappenheimer merch collection together with RAVE Clothing, videos and pictures were created in cooperation with the Frankfurt techno blogger techno_inmyveins_. There couldn't have been a better location. True to the motto and the event series We wall it departure, the recordings were made in cooperation with Movie Jules and the photographer Lukas Seufert at the Techno Club Airport Würzburg and in front of the Stolen Memory Graffiti.

Tracks from Pappenheimer's new album Stolen Memory serve as background music, with which the DJ and producer from Franconia stormed the German album charts. The deluxe box of the record gives you access to an exclusive Pappenheimer documentary, which was also produced by the filmmaker Movie Jules.

The merchandise collection with Pappenheimer includes T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and sweaters as well Stickers and jackets.

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technoinmyveins_ Pappenheimer Merch

technoinmyveins_ Bloggerin in Airport Würzburg

Pappenheimer Pullover und Instagramerin technoinmyveins_

We call it Abfahrt Airport Würzburg Pappenheimer Merch

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