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RAVE Clothing
Loyalty Program

As a RAVE Clothing loyalty member you will receive exclusive rewards for your purchases, recommendations, reviews and more.
Receive discount vouchers, exclusive products, free shipping and other rewards.

Free with your Registration: Early access to new products!

How it works:

Collect Loyalty Points

Receive rewards

Discount vouchers

  • Voucher value: 5€
  • Voucher value: 10€
  • Voucher value: 20€
  • Voucher value: 50€
  • Voucher value: 100€

    Exclusive products

    • Free Sticker Set
    • Clipper lighter set
    • XXL RAVE Buddy
    • Exclusive RAVE Shirt
    • Exclusive RAVE Crewneck

    You can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

    Terms and Conditions
    You can find the conditions of participation in the RAVE Clothing loyalty program here.