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Earn money with RAVE Clothing

With the RAVE Clothing Affiliate Program you can earn money with techno with just a few clicks. Put your link in your Instagram bio, post it in stories or send it to your friends. You can also embed RAVE Clothing advertising banners in your website/blog. Earn up to 12% commission for every purchase made through your link.

Welcome gift: 3€ credit to your affiliate account for your registration.

You want more money to party? We'll show you how!

You know the problem when money is sometimes too tight at the end of the month but there is still a techno party that you don't want to miss? We have the solution for you! Earning extra pocket money is easy with the RAVE Clothing Affiliate Program. 💸

The principle is simple:

1. First register for our affiliate program
Read the terms and conditions and fill in all the required information

2. Receive your personal referral link
Your referral link will look something like this:

3. Spread your link and advertise
Copy the link to your Instagram profile, send it to your friends or use it in your blog

4. Earn commissions for every order placed through your link
Depending on the number of your recommendations, you will receive a commission of 5-12%

What you deserve:

Here you will find a small overview of the things you can afford afterwards.* Of course you can also have your commission paid out by bank transfer or as a voucher:

Recommendations Enough for: Or:
1 recommendation 2 beers Sticker Set
2-3 recommendations Entrance to the club Gym bag, beanie
6 recommendations Small Festival Cropped top, t-shirt
15 recommendations NatureOne, SMS etc. hoodie or jacket

*based on the average commission payments of all participants


  • Suitable for: Instagram, Facebook, website/blog, newsletter
  • Attractive commission payment with up to 12% commission
  • High-click advertising media with conversion-optimized banner formats
  • Personal support from the RAVE Clothing Partner Team


  • Read the Conditions of Participation and register for the RAVE Clothing Affiliate Program for free
  • Choose the right advertising material for your target group and integrate it on your website
  • Earn an attractive commission on every confirmed sale


  • 5% standard commission per new customer sale
  • Up to 12% commission with scale commissions
  • 30 days cookie lifetime
  • Payout by bank transfer or as a gift card

Recommend RAVE Clothing products and earn money with every order

You can find the affiliate program conditions of participation here

You can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.
For personal contact you can send us an email to partner@rave-clothingcom. We will reply to you as soon as possible.