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Techno Set: Andreas Henneberg @ Fusion Festival 2016

The first DJ SET of the new compilation SET OF THE WEEK is from Andreas Henneberg. Yes Andreas Henneberg. He was killing it last year at the Fusion Festival. Born in Berlin and still living, loving & working in this beautiful pulsating city. Founder of “Voltage Musique Records” and “Cascandy” as well as part of “The Glitz” and “Hennon”. Feeling home at the well established and in Bremen based “Plantage13” family. Releasing on record labels like Voltage Musique, Get Physical, Herzblut, SNOE, Heinz Music, Toolroom and many more. Truly one of the most productive people in electronic music scene even if you don’t know. You can find him behind the scenes since the mid 90’s as a producer, label owner, mastering-engineer and of course as a DJ. A vast number of productions, publications and releases are the result of nearly 20 years studio and stage-experience.

Andreas is located somewhere between Tech-house, Minimal and Techno simply because he is killing all borders around. In his Dj-Sets he is summing up these genres in a very compatible and functional way.


Techno- und Festival Mode von RAVE Clothing

Deine neue Lieblings-Kleidung, wenn du das ganze Wochenende am Feiern bist.


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